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Douglas MacArthur - image courtesy of google images

Douglas MacArthur – image courtesy of google images

To honor the fallen soldier on Memorial Day I usually write something about what the day means to me. I talk about why we should honor folks who serve and give their lives.  Today, thanks to a brief Facebook back and forth, I’d like to do something slightly different. Rather than discuss the day or talk about the reasons it is so important to honor our fallen soldiers, I’d like to show why we honor them, by way of comparison.




Anti-racist-rally-Sydney-2005-Dec-18-small (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have decided to stop pretending and keeping mouth shut to avoid confrontation. Have decided that the Liberal ‘Obama criticism = racism” argument isn’t about honest Liberal folks opposing allegedly racist Conservative opponents nor is it a cynical game devised to boost the concerned, worried, and traditionally low black vote, as bewildered and/or angry Conservatives maintain.

It is a racism thang, folks, it is worrisome, and it is cynical – and it will succeed if folks don’t wake up and hear the dog whistle.

It’s not about distraction, folks. The dog whistle is tuned to one fever pitched group – the stupid.

Stupid people vote and they convince others who to vote for when they themselves are convinced they must. (more…)

Democratic Ticket:  Seymour & Blair

Democratic Ticket: Seymour & Blair (Photo credit: Cornell University Library)

And so a political Party, terrified and angry over a failed administration, slings political red meat and celebrates its heroes; balloons fall and music blasts the celebrants. The newly energized party offers to a tired, worried, and tense nation the arguments for change and hope after years of economic difficulty. A young vital, slightly mysterious newcomer seeks high office and the opposition calls him out on his supposed extremism, questioning his past and his motives. 2008, Democrats, and Barak Obama? Not even close.

This week politicos, pundits, and wannabees drool over the Republican Party National Convention and the choice by its Presidential candidate of Paul Ryan as his running mate. Perhaps, as some argue, there indeed has never been a more sharply drawn line ‘tween the parties. Perhaps, as some argue, never have the differences been so clear or the choices so fundamentally pure. Perhaps this convention is a snooze fest, clear-cut in its predictability post the Ryan pick.

Perhaps not, at least not in how the Democratic party will respond. Let’s do a bit of prognostication, shall we? (more…)

Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life

Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I feel a bizarre sense of indebtedness to Tucker Carlson Editor-In-Chief of The Daily Caller and Fox News commentator. Thanks to Tucker’s blank out on live t.v. Hunter now feels simultaneously blessed, fearful, discouraged, and – borrowing from the sense of life of the 2008 campaign of then Presidential hopeful Barack Obama – hopeful.

Today we know that the hope of President Obama’s oratory was at best disingenuous, and yet…oh, the hope.

It certainly inspired all those Statists in our midst.

Such a bag of mixed premises and ambivalence your correspondent now lives with this fine morning. Hunter must thank Tucker for his open (though hidden from himself) acknowledgement that Ayn Rand was usually right. Thanks, Tucker. With friends like these…

Tucker was discussing the 2012 election on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom this morning.

Speaking to Martha MacCallum, Tucker and Martha came around to the oft alluded to ‘gender gap’ and ‘marriage gap’ between Conservatives and Liberals. Tucker acknowledged that said gap exists: he recognized that unmarried people and women are far more likely to vote Democrat than Republican. He admitted he was a bit unnerved by it, saying he wasn’t sure why it was so.

Thank you – and, also…thanks a whole friggin’ lot, Tucker. Thank you for handing Hunter a gift few people receive – the opportunity to watch decades of failures and evasions of a philosophical movement and a political party jump out from the screen in the guise of your blank out on live television. Thanks, Tucker, for the reminder of how right Rand was about the mess that is the Republican party. (more…)