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While I’m no fan of President Obama, and while I think his actions have at times pressed (and occasionally surpassed) the boundaries of his Constitutional authority – not to mention those of common sense and good governance – I’m not one to let dangerous, deceitful, and downright ludicrous allegations about this or any President go unchallenged.

It’s well past time that those of us with a non Liberal perspective stand up to say “enough” to conspiracy theorists and fear mongering when it comes to Obama. If folks present facts and a cogent argument against a President’s policies or his actions, I’m all there to hear them.

When accusations, smears and/or paranoia driven speculation are substituted for reason and a cogent argument, however, I want none of it.


Image owned by Dana Owens and Chip Fasciana 

Image owned by Dana Owens and Chip Fasciana

So when did folks lose their sense of humor and a grasp of satire? When, for that matter, did a recognition of the problems that one is satirizing become evidence of a moral crime?

A major local business serving and employing folks in predominantly low income, high crime neighborhoods is either ignorant of or is deliberately ignoring the troubles which plague the community.

Perhaps instead they wish for everyone else to remain ignorant of or ignore them.


hypocriteFolks are right to be enraged by the events which have occurred (and are occurring) in Ferguson, Missouri. These events are a demonstration of the state of race relations in the country, and everyone should be concerned. However, despite the implicit claims of America’s race hustlers, moral cowards, and sundry other folks in self-indulgent denial, we do not live in Mississippi circa 1956. No one should deny the continued existence of racism or bias, nor the existence of police officers using excessive force. We should, however, not be so blinded by the sparkling rhetoric of the race baiters among us – rhetoric deliberately designed to give the impression that racism remains a pernicious problem in the U.S..

Racism is not the problem, race relations are. These are not the same.

The race baiting, racial tension, and acts of force against persons and property in Ferguson following the shooting of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer are a symptom of that problem. Let’s get the facts straight before we proceed.

First, Michael Brown and Darren Wilson – the officer who fatally shot Brown – are responsible for their own actions, as are the “demonstrators” whose chosen form of protest is to attack police, loot stores, and destroy property in their community.



Anti-racist-rally-Sydney-2005-Dec-18-small (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have decided to stop pretending and keeping mouth shut to avoid confrontation. Have decided that the Liberal ‘Obama criticism = racism” argument isn’t about honest Liberal folks opposing allegedly racist Conservative opponents nor is it a cynical game devised to boost the concerned, worried, and traditionally low black vote, as bewildered and/or angry Conservatives maintain.

It is a racism thang, folks, it is worrisome, and it is cynical – and it will succeed if folks don’t wake up and hear the dog whistle.

It’s not about distraction, folks. The dog whistle is tuned to one fever pitched group – the stupid.

Stupid people vote and they convince others who to vote for when they themselves are convinced they must. (more…)

Democratic Ticket:  Seymour & Blair

Democratic Ticket: Seymour & Blair (Photo credit: Cornell University Library)

And so a political Party, terrified and angry over a failed administration, slings political red meat and celebrates its heroes; balloons fall and music blasts the celebrants. The newly energized party offers to a tired, worried, and tense nation the arguments for change and hope after years of economic difficulty. A young vital, slightly mysterious newcomer seeks high office and the opposition calls him out on his supposed extremism, questioning his past and his motives. 2008, Democrats, and Barak Obama? Not even close.

This week politicos, pundits, and wannabees drool over the Republican Party National Convention and the choice by its Presidential candidate of Paul Ryan as his running mate. Perhaps, as some argue, there indeed has never been a more sharply drawn line ‘tween the parties. Perhaps, as some argue, never have the differences been so clear or the choices so fundamentally pure. Perhaps this convention is a snooze fest, clear-cut in its predictability post the Ryan pick.

Perhaps not, at least not in how the Democratic party will respond. Let’s do a bit of prognostication, shall we? (more…)