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Are the liberators here?

Are the liberators here?

Well, tomorrow is Independence Day. As some might tell from my writings I am in perpetual awe of the magnitude of what our country represents.

Unique among nations, we exist due not to random events, actors or actions – most nations being formed as a result of wars, seizure of land and the vagaries of personalities – but rather due to the deliberate intent to found a country based on an idea and because the men who founded the United States had had enough and had grown weary of tyranny. The risks they took and their willingness to suffer the consequences amazes me. I am thankful that I was not among them, deciding whether I would take on that risk for myself. (more…)

 John F. Nash Jr. at his graduation from Princeton in 1950.  Credit Courtesy of Martha Nash Legg & The New York Times

John F. Nash Jr. at his graduation from Princeton in 1950.
Credit Courtesy of Martha Nash Legg & The New York Times

Today was to be an ordinary day. I wrote. I ate. I smoked, I chatted on Facebook, I checked the news and I hoped for better days and was grateful for days that are.

Today was to be an ordinary day, until the news came across my feed. (more…)

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At times, say when a loved one has passed or we’ve just been offered that long expected big promotion, have been through a horrible break up, or just need a shoulder to lean on, we turn to music for distraction, to think, or to sob. Have you ever been having a thing and just when you needed it the most heard the song that helps you muddle through or to sing with unapologetic happiness? Perhaps even a whole string of em back to back, like some Perfect cosmic playlist from who knows where shared just with you at that exact moment?

When Hunter tunes in to songs which move him, he’s listening to life’s soundtrack at a finite moment in time. In that moment he can almost hear the soft, melodic voice (or the pained ‘no!’ screams) of His Maker communicating with Hunter’s stubborn psyche. (more…)

In keeping with a longstanding tradition observed by Hunter’s former Net Home, in observance of the Jewish New Year Sniperhunter2012 brings you YouTube legend Lex Friedman’s classic Rosh Hashana song.

Continuing a newish trend, Hunter offers a Rosh Hashana Rock Anthem from the boys of

Hasidim rap, breakdance, and schmooze. These guys friggin’ rock… No, seriously, they Rock with Purpose

אלוהים יברך ושנה טובה ומבורכת. בשנה הבאה בירושלים

In a YouTube flashback from a couple years back here is the Prodigal Son story as conceived by YouTube user Pmintari. Story is set to Coldplay’s haunting (if not slightly stalkerish) “Fix You” .

Check out Yellowcard’s beautiful cover of the Coldplay classic here