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While I’m no fan of President Obama, and while I think his actions have at times pressed (and occasionally surpassed) the boundaries of his Constitutional authority – not to mention those of common sense and good governance – I’m not one to let dangerous, deceitful, and downright ludicrous allegations about this or any President go unchallenged.

It’s well past time that those of us with a non Liberal perspective stand up to say “enough” to conspiracy theorists and fear mongering when it comes to Obama. If folks present facts and a cogent argument against a President’s policies or his actions, I’m all there to hear them.

When accusations, smears and/or paranoia driven speculation are substituted for reason and a cogent argument, however, I want none of it.



The Grand Jury decision to not indict in the Ferguson, Missouri case has sparked outrage in Ferguson. It has created ripple effects across the country. Despite the fact that the evidence and testimony heard by the Grand Jury is now freely available, and despite the fact that objective analysis of the facts must lead rational observers to the same conclusion as that of the St. Louis County Grand Jury, folks remain angry, frustrated and doubtful.

Much of the objection to the decision of the Grand Jury boils down to three interrelated arguments: the officer should not have used deadly force because Michael Brown was unarmed, complaints about the number of shots fired, and woven throughout is disbelief that Michael Brown would have or did attack Officer Wilson. This denial that Brown was the aggressor is the crux of his family’s anger at Officer Wilson and is the underlying premise held by Vox founder Ezra Klein.

Throughout his public life founder Ezra Klein has said and done some less than well thought out things (Hunter shan’t repeat President Obama’s error and say Klein acted ‘stupidly’). From Klein’s ethically troubling JournoList to his bizarre notion that a sitting Senator, out of spite, would let folks die as political payback – the blogger cum wannabe journalist isn’t exactly a Mensa brain trust or moral leader. However, in his recent article expressing doubt in the testimony of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, Klein moves himself outside the realm of credibility.

Klein’s doubt of Officer Wilson’s testimony and the decision of the Grand Jury approaches a lunatic quality previously seen only in the likes of UFO abductees and 9/11 Truthers.


hypocriteFolks are right to be enraged by the events which have occurred (and are occurring) in Ferguson, Missouri. These events are a demonstration of the state of race relations in the country, and everyone should be concerned. However, despite the implicit claims of America’s race hustlers, moral cowards, and sundry other folks in self-indulgent denial, we do not live in Mississippi circa 1956. No one should deny the continued existence of racism or bias, nor the existence of police officers using excessive force. We should, however, not be so blinded by the sparkling rhetoric of the race baiters among us – rhetoric deliberately designed to give the impression that racism remains a pernicious problem in the U.S..

Racism is not the problem, race relations are. These are not the same.

The race baiting, racial tension, and acts of force against persons and property in Ferguson following the shooting of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer are a symptom of that problem. Let’s get the facts straight before we proceed.

First, Michael Brown and Darren Wilson – the officer who fatally shot Brown – are responsible for their own actions, as are the “demonstrators” whose chosen form of protest is to attack police, loot stores, and destroy property in their community.