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Image owned by Hunter Nash (Carl Cervini). Quote from

Image owned by Hunter Nash (Carl Cervini). Quote from “:The Second Coming” by William Butler Yeats

If you pay moderate attention to world events, unless you have been comatose or have the cognitive capacity of a bowl of soup you are no doubt aware that Republicans held their first primary debate(s) to choose the party’s candidate for the 2016 Presidential campaign last week.

As the reader is no doubt aware, roughly 16% of households – over 24 million people – watched the prime time debate, the largest audience ever for a non-sporting event on cable television.¹

Given the viewer volume, one must conclude that folks were expecting something…well…different…than what had come before. Given the reaction online and as reported by the media, it is obvious that we got something very different.

Thank you, Donald.

Donald Trump’s candidacy was – clearly and unequivocally – the debate…ummm…trump card. (more…)

gop drinking game

Sniperhunter2012 agrees wholeheartedly with the analysts at Fox who insist that if the Ohio town where this man lives presses him on this, they will absolutely open themselves up to an inevitable loss in court along with a hefty payout to the man. Fight on, bro. Fight on.





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Who said Presidential debates had to be boring?

Party animal Taylor Bigler, entertainment editor for the Daily Caller, offers to adventurous debate watchers a fantabulously political potent potable game. This drinking game is just the thing for folks who can’t sit through the Obama/Romney death-match sober.


Bottoms up – ballots out – and….on to November!