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gop drinking game

This is the first of what I hope will be many posts for a re-imagined, re-focused Sniperhunter2012. As this post deals with the Internet as a tool for communicating ideas, and for practical interactions with others, the timing seems like (excuse the fuzzy term) kismet. Following up on comments left in response to a Facebook Group post I made, and due to conversations I had with other folks later, I’ve learned – or rather, re-learned a basic lesson. The Internet is simultaneously the best and the worst forum for discussing ideas.

I made my acquaintance this past week with a gentleman who calls himself Maestro Maahanmuuttaja. Identifying himself as a student of psychology, Maestro is a member of a political discussion group I belonged to {ed note: I no longer belong to the group}. Maestro had responded to a meme I had posted (the details of which are irrelevant to this discussion) which  included a quote from a philosopher, lecturer and author. Maestro’s initial comment? That the meme author/individual quoted was “clearly…a person that was home schooled by a dog”.



GOD bless the den of iniquity, the distraction from daily life, the hotbed of foolishness and total waste of time and energy that is Facebook! Just spent ten or so minutes chatting with a dear friend, hoping to comfort and encourage her – family issues – she’s worried about her kid’s love life.

Hunter got to thinking about his twisted love affairs with obsession.

Hunter has always fallen in love with – or at the least become infatuated with – people he feels he can’t have and with altering circumstances he believes he cannot control. Perhaps the two are connected? Cue the sounds of dark irony and silly obviousness!

For many, many years Hunter (truth be told, its been decades) was obsessed with the concepts of ‘destiny’ and ‘purpose’. For decades he’d composed a mental symphony; the frequency dictating his life’s purpose and the person he wished to walk along with – to skip and bounce with – towards that purpose. Obsession with that symphony took the place of communication. Fate and purpose became a confused tangle with common sense the victim in a game of ‘but don’t you see, Hunter, this is how it is supposed to be’.

Rather than chat and get to know a person – instead of listening to their song and learning if the frequency was the one he’d thought he’d been listening to – into his obsession Hunter would introduce his denial and excuse mixer, making subtle adjustments here and there. (more…)

Today was to be a day to work on the latest song and, time and stamina permitting, on the novel. Life is interesting the way it throws a wrench in the works occasionally. Things we find crucial in the morning (or through any number of months or years) find themselves booted to less than essential when an event or value challenges us to reconsider priorities. I blame Facebook and God’s Grace (in the form of a FB post) for insisting that I take time away from work-proper. I thank my own choice of values for insisting I find the time to remind myself once more to be grateful and to ponder. (more…)