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hypocriteFolks are right to be enraged by the events which have occurred (and are occurring) in Ferguson, Missouri. These events are a demonstration of the state of race relations in the country, and everyone should be concerned. However, despite the implicit claims of America’s race hustlers, moral cowards, and sundry other folks in self-indulgent denial, we do not live in Mississippi circa 1956. No one should deny the continued existence of racism or bias, nor the existence of police officers using excessive force. We should, however, not be so blinded by the sparkling rhetoric of the race baiters among us – rhetoric deliberately designed to give the impression that racism remains a pernicious problem in the U.S..

Racism is not the problem, race relations are. These are not the same.

The race baiting, racial tension, and acts of force against persons and property in Ferguson following the shooting of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer are a symptom of that problem. Let’s get the facts straight before we proceed.

First, Michael Brown and Darren Wilson – the officer who fatally shot Brown – are responsible for their own actions, as are the “demonstrators” whose chosen form of protest is to attack police, loot stores, and destroy property in their community.

Folks scoff at the idea that the culture, once based on individualism and self reliance, has morphed into one of entitlement, even though “i’m gonna get mine” is heard so often, not to mention “you owe me”.

Sniperhunter2012 says “Fuck off” to self entitled bitches and bitchboys.

Think the ‘age of entitlement’ is a Conservative fantasy cooked up to piss off old, angry white folks. Think again.

The mentality of entitlement was on display in all its Green glory at the iHeartRadio festival this week:

Think about this. Mr “I’ve been around since 1988” assumes his ‘star power’ warrants him extra time – time to be provided at the expense of his fellow performers and at the further expense (since time is money) of the festival’s organizers.

The festival is paying Mr. “I wanna play a new fucking song”. The festival is his boss(!!). Mr. Billy Joe Armstrong believes however that he, with his ‘name’ power (‘I’m not Justin Fucking Bieber, mother fuckers”), should call the shots – on the festival’s (and his fellow performers) dime and time.


Welcome to the age of entitlement.

Think the Green Day frontman is just another rich self entitled whiner, but certainly not indicitive of the whole culture – a culture of entitlement?

Try to remember the backlash surrounding the entitled Life of Julia; think about the folks chasing down some extra cash and, if not convinced, try contemplating the self entitled thinking that would drive reporters to rifle through a dead ambassadors journal for news tips before his corpse was even cold yet.


Feel the love.