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from “The Second Coming” by William Butler Yeats

Image via Flikr and is owned by Gage Skidmore

Image via Flikr and is owned by Gage Skidmore

Donald, I wish I could look beyond your loose mouth, your impulsiveness, and your short fuse, but I can’t. They were fun, attractive, exciting and very different from what I had come to expect from politicians. Your latest comments went too far, however, old friend.  You have shown a crass inability to know that, as in business, there is an art to being a Commander-In-chief. The two arts are very, very different, though.

This is a campaign to decide who will be my next President, it is not a reality show and it is not your next ‘Deal’. Do you understand the difference? (more…)



Anti-racist-rally-Sydney-2005-Dec-18-small (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have decided to stop pretending and keeping mouth shut to avoid confrontation. Have decided that the Liberal ‘Obama criticism = racism” argument isn’t about honest Liberal folks opposing allegedly racist Conservative opponents nor is it a cynical game devised to boost the concerned, worried, and traditionally low black vote, as bewildered and/or angry Conservatives maintain.

It is a racism thang, folks, it is worrisome, and it is cynical – and it will succeed if folks don’t wake up and hear the dog whistle.

It’s not about distraction, folks. The dog whistle is tuned to one fever pitched group – the stupid.

Stupid people vote and they convince others who to vote for when they themselves are convinced they must. (more…)

Quote of the Day

From a post in Tea Party Nation by Judson Phillips:

America burns while Obama fiddles; or in his case goes to campaign fundraisers. Obama can’t go to his intelligence briefings and the most dangerous place in the world is the space between Obama and a golf course or a Jay-Z fundraiser.

Hate to waste Sniperhunter’s sorta-kinda first post and add to the cacophony that is analysis of the tenuous connection between the Republican Party’s golden boy du-cycle, Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, and the high priestess of principles, philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand. The moment seems, however, like serendipity.

Not jumping on this opportunity to discuss the irrelevancy of the analysis done today in light of the cluelessness about Rand shown by most ‘pundits’ would be – well – selfless. (more…)