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image courtesy of google images and is owned by http:??

image courtesy of google images and is owned by http:??

This writer is heartbroken after reading a recent article on the culture war. He’s reminded of a brief conversation with a local evangelist  regarding an upcoming conference on religious liberties.

In his Fox News article Todd Starnes asks whether Christians have lost the culture war. This writer has had dealings with many folks just like that evangelist from New York Families. New York Families Reasearch Foundation (NYFRf) is an organization which purports that it “seeks to display Christian charity towards our fellow New Yorkers and to build a more just and merciful culture”. 

This writer is not sure what their real motives are given his recent interaction with the evangelist.

The question which concerned Christians ought to ask is not whether they’ve lost the culture war but whether those representing Christianity publicly have lost their minds, not to mention their hearts. (more…)

Three sailors urinating by Charles Demuth, ca.1930

Three sailors urinating by Charles Demuth, ca.1930 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently I got what I had been so strenuously, yet blindly, seeking. I clearly sought that which I found. Nov 8th saw the end of my pissing match, though I died in the process. Painkillers combined with sedatives do the trick every time. This suicide has oddly woken me up. I guess the third time really was the charm for me.

I now live with the repercussions (family not speaking to me, court ordered treatment, order of protection, relocation to a decidedly cold climate , homelessness in said cold climate). i live now with the emotional blows which come from shelters turning me away as well as the emotional highlights of Churches where members and leaders don’t walk  around with the plastic smiles of folks going through the motions.

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At times, say when a loved one has passed or we’ve just been offered that long expected big promotion, have been through a horrible break up, or just need a shoulder to lean on, we turn to music for distraction, to think, or to sob. Have you ever been having a thing and just when you needed it the most heard the song that helps you muddle through or to sing with unapologetic happiness? Perhaps even a whole string of em back to back, like some Perfect cosmic playlist from who knows where shared just with you at that exact moment?

When Hunter tunes in to songs which move him, he’s listening to life’s soundtrack at a finite moment in time. In that moment he can almost hear the soft, melodic voice (or the pained ‘no!’ screams) of His Maker communicating with Hunter’s stubborn psyche. (more…)


SIN EDITAR (Photo credit: angel almanzo grupo 52)

Nothing strummed Hunter’s mind strings to write about till he perused a dear friend’s (shout out: God bless, Deb. Love you) FB. Got to thinking about Grace and forgiveness, especially about forgiveness and prayer for the sake of those who hurt us. Why do we pray for those who mean us or cause us harm? The crucifixion, resurrection, and the eternity that Christ spent in Hell cleared the way for those who accept that gift. Prayer and forgiveness for others can, at first blush, do little for them or for us, so why? Can’t honestly say I know for sure I have the answer to that question but, as always, when Hunter is perplexed he looks to music to guide him.

Hunter sees music as the still, small voice of God screaming HIS head off at us or crying for us – through the words,  the voices, and the sounds of others. We don’t always hear HIM when HE speaks to our minds directly, but we damn well do when the music plays. (more…)