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Folks scoff at the idea that the culture, once based on individualism and self reliance, has morphed into one of entitlement, even though “i’m gonna get mine” is heard so often, not to mention “you owe me”.

Sniperhunter2012 says “Fuck off” to self entitled bitches and bitchboys.

Think the ‘age of entitlement’ is a Conservative fantasy cooked up to piss off old, angry white folks. Think again.

The mentality of entitlement was on display in all its Green glory at the iHeartRadio festival this week:

Think about this. Mr “I’ve been around since 1988” assumes his ‘star power’ warrants him extra time – time to be provided at the expense of his fellow performers and at the further expense (since time is money) of the festival’s organizers.

The festival is paying Mr. “I wanna play a new fucking song”. The festival is his boss(!!). Mr. Billy Joe Armstrong believes however that he, with his ‘name’ power (‘I’m not Justin Fucking Bieber, mother fuckers”), should call the shots – on the festival’s (and his fellow performers) dime and time.


Welcome to the age of entitlement.

Think the Green Day frontman is just another rich self entitled whiner, but certainly not indicitive of the whole culture – a culture of entitlement?

Try to remember the backlash surrounding the entitled Life of Julia; think about the folks chasing down some extra cash and, if not convinced, try contemplating the self entitled thinking that would drive reporters to rifle through a dead ambassadors journal for news tips before his corpse was even cold yet.


Feel the love.


In a YouTube flashback from a couple years back here is the Prodigal Son story as conceived by YouTube user Pmintari. Story is set to Coldplay’s haunting (if not slightly stalkerish) “Fix You” .

Check out Yellowcard’s beautiful cover of the Coldplay classic here

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Ever listened to a tune and, feeling that gut deep desire to cover your ears and scrub your brain, thought some equivalent of “I’d rather raw dog a beehive than hear that crap again”? Dramatic, si’, and yet…

Hunter spent several hours he will never get back listening to a top 100 ‘worst songs ever’ playlist from Songza today. The list was compiled by *Sigh*, poor AOL. Anyway….

So he spent the time assaulting his better sensibilities with crap ass tunes, originally as a distraction, but halfway through open questions lurked in the back of his protesting mind.

Just what makes an individual hate (or love) a particular song? Aren’t musical (or, for that matter, all aesthetic) tastes subjective, despite our obsessive music-geek debates over styles, genres, and quality of a sound or lyric?

What purpose do ‘worst…anything’ lists serve? Do they exist as some critic and fan ‘fuck you, you suck. We’ve kept a record’ smackdown of shittier artists or of good artists occasionally dropping on we the fans a lump of compositional/lyrical shit? (more…)