The Age of Entitlement

Posted: November 14, 2014 in Uncategorized


Many of you already know what has been going on in my family for the past year and a half. When my daughter moved out of my house in February 2013, I never could have imagined that this is where I would be in 18 months. Anyone who hears this story thinks it’s crazy, and no one can believe that this case saw the inside of a courtroom. But it did. And I lost. And now I don’t know what else to do except to tell my story and hope and pray that there is someone who can help me, someone who can help me make sense of what has happened to the child I raised, a victim of “the age of entitlement.”

I wanted to begin by telling the story of a struggling 20-year-old college student, who worked full-time to put herself through college with no help from her…

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