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Have decided to stop pretending and keeping mouth shut to avoid confrontation. Have decided that the Liberal ‘Obama criticism = racism” argument isn’t about honest Liberal folks opposing allegedly racist Conservative opponents nor is it a cynical game devised to boost the concerned, worried, and traditionally low black vote, as bewildered and/or angry Conservatives maintain.

It is a racism thang, folks, it is worrisome, and it is cynical – and it will succeed if folks don’t wake up and hear the dog whistle.

It’s not about distraction, folks. The dog whistle is tuned to one fever pitched group – the stupid.

Stupid people vote and they convince others who to vote for when they themselves are convinced they must.

How else can one interpret crap like this, other than profound stupidity?


Could Snoop be joking? Sure. It’s possible.

And surely when this Buzzfeed political reporter, a Yale University graduate – well known for alleging racism on the part of Republicans – and an obvious Mensa braintrust – posted this

he was, well…what…also joking?

Yale grad reporter clearly believed that Romney is racist because he drove past a Confederate flag, and we’re to think he’s anything but, well….stupid?

And maybe when actor cum rapper Ice T tweeted

It was not to be taken seriously.

And then there’s comedian Bill Maher, surprised by the lackluster debate performance of his hero; Bill, well known to allege – frequently – that racism drives most of the opposition to the President, tweeting

and positing on his Comedy show that Obama was high during debate

He looked tired. He had trouble getting his answers out. It looked like he took my million and spent it all on weed.

Bill, cmon man, your guy failed because his ideas are crap and because he’s been a crappy President. He failed because non-stupids, including the President himself, know it. Intelligent though he may very well be Obama could not defend the indefensible.

He lost because Liberal ideas suck and for no other reasons.

And then, speaking of indefensible, we’ve got Bill crying that a GOP ad is actually a hint at white sheets and cross burning

“voted for him and tried Obama’s ideas, but they didn’t work” is racist? Seriously?

Joke? Idiotic stretch, bend, twists and massacre of reason, perhaps?

Was Maher, comedian and social observer par excellence (in his own mind) well, what…joking? Which time, on his show or in his tweets?

Never mind the infamous ‘obama money’ chick, or the Portland, Oregon school principal who believes that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are racist

Are these mere ‘isolated incidents’. Cmon, Man…

Yours truly quotes, deliberately, some of President Obama’s most vocal – and allegedly intelligent, well reasoned supporters – to make a point that would be lost quoting unknown everymans

The appeal to racism and appeal to authority approach is racist and it is deliberate racial dog whistling – with one target audience – the stupid.

Allegedly intellectual, yet obvious racial shills get played like fiddles, and are successful at moving opinion, because they are stupid and because their ignorance appeals to the stupid.


Its time to stop pretending for the benefit of the ignorant, anti intellectual, dangerously stupid shills of the ‘white folk got privilege’/Obama opponents are racist ‘haters” ideological bent.

Stupid loves, understands, and relates to juvenile antics and stupid should not be coddled or be left off the hook simply because of their idiocy.

It’s time to call it like it is in the most ironically juvenile way available:

You’re argument is stupid and so are you.

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