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At times, say when a loved one has passed or we’ve just been offered that long expected big promotion, have been through a horrible break up, or just need a shoulder to lean on, we turn to music for distraction, to think, or to sob. Have you ever been having a thing and just when you needed it the most heard the song that helps you muddle through or to sing with unapologetic happiness? Perhaps even a whole string of em back to back, like some Perfect cosmic playlist from who knows where shared just with you at that exact moment?

When Hunter tunes in to songs which move him, he’s listening to life’s soundtrack at a finite moment in time. In that moment he can almost hear the soft, melodic voice (or the pained ‘no!’ screams) of His Maker communicating with Hunter’s stubborn psyche.

In times of hope and celebration – or when dealing with loss, remorse or guilt – when he hears some much needed song or another Hunter imagines that, if necessary and if he wishes to, God might jumpstart Hunter’s spirit and sing to him.

Self serving, megalomaniacal fantasies? Likely. Crude approximation of how God would choose to talk to his creation? Almost certainly.

Comforting and inspirational? Every damn time.

A context perfect sermon from a faith leader or a chance conversation which provides the perfect words are without a doubt ways God speaks to us. Certainly these aren’t the only ones.

Remember that all of Creation is God’s gift to his children. Seems likely He’d include built in whispers of ‘happy birthday’.

Hunter suspects the Maker chooses more often to speak when we’re alone – needing Him. Perhaps this is the reason that when He instructed his followers how to pray (Matthew 6:5-8) Christ encouraged privacy when seeking the Father. No big to-do, no making it a thing around a bunch of people.

Maybe God isn’t much for background noise when He sings back.

Might sound a bit odd, but Sniperhunter2012 wonders what kind of music God enjoys. A smidge of Soundgarden mixed with Dylan, perhaps? Maybe Muse or even Alanis Morrisette? Classic Rock? Jazz? Folk, Dubstep , or maybe a bit of Thrash?

You knew HE appreciates music, didn’t you? David and the Psalmists thought so. So did Christ’s New Testament followers.

Fuck folks like the minister Dad from Footloose (the Kevin Bacon/Lori Singer classic, not the 2011 crap remake). God’s a dude who knows how to help a lameass party rock.

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The Biblical book of Psalms were like a spiritual precursor to Rap and folk; lyrical prayers and honorifics accompanied by music. Many if not most of the Psalms included (and still do) suggested musical compositions/instrumentations for the reader.

Old Testament figures considered song and dance an integral part of worship, as modern day Jewish Synagogues and Old School Gospel Churches will attest.

Music inspires, comforts, and encourages. Is not comfort, inspiration, and encouragement what we go to Him in worship and prayer for?

If it is true, as many say, that the Bible is God’s love song to Man, Hunter asks: what music likely moves Him?

The Holy Spirit guided people to write the Bible, causing it to be song from God. Hunter believes that, with worship and praise for Him built in to the words they wrote, the Bible is also a song from Man to God.

English: Scroll of the Psalms

So what moves Him?

If we are to love God with everything we have and all that we are & if we’re to love one another as we love ourselves, Hunter suspects God would enjoy tunes which reflect these fundamentals.

Hunter imagines HE is down with music infused with celebration; warm, comforting strokes, joy, and love for life. Tunes of lament and sorrow (when needed) so we can express respect and empathy for ourselves (and for others) while at other times tunes that celebrate life with jumping spikes of pleasure and ecstasy which belt to the Heavens ‘thanks for giving me the chance to thrive!’.

Remember: what we do and what we believe is who we are.

After all, are not our lives and choices our own personal song? Do we not, in all we do, sing ourselves to one another and to Him? Shouldn’t music reflect this?

So what is your soundtrack? Does it celebrate life? Do you sing a pop number jumping with happiness? Do you hum melancholy notes that, in their sadness, hope for and still expect better days? Do you growl a metal tune of frustration, not of a world that is, but in longing for all it could be? Do you find an off-the-beaten riff which strums a peaceful Alternative to the everyday ‘gonna be same old same old’? A beat and rhythm number that insists everyone can dance along?

Again, what would He enjoy?

If we’re singing and dancing of the possible rather than the lost and the impossible to be found again – if we dance to a life of wonder at what we already have rather than of things we want so badly we scream at the Heavens if we can’t have them – if we cry for what could be and our music holds a melody of thanks for all we are, Hunter suspects our Maker loves the music. He likely sings along ecstatically. Maybe in those special alone times with Him He is singing back a quiet ‘good for you, kid’. His way of letting us know ‘I love you too’.

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