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Posted: September 21, 2012 in philosophy, politics


  1. Abandon TV says:

    This video isn’t a meme – but it damn well should be!

    • Have approved comment and link, of course, but can’t agree that equating prayer with voting is a precise analogy. Voting is our acquiescence to a particular initiative or candidate, NOT (necessarily) an expression of ‘faith’ in and of itself. That being said it is blatantly obvious the public’s evasions of the failure of the R&D parties – the ignoring of the evidence of their senses; the refusal to reconsider their own priorities – IS an act of faith. Both parties’ embrace of the morality of force through government action ( literal, physical force via immoral wars and second hand or implied force through taxes and regulation) and the parties’ inability to reevaluate the role of government vis a vis their respective pet concerns ARE acts of faith. Can’t see how it makes much of a dif whether we end up with Atlas Shrugged, Animal Farm, or the Handmaids Tale. the religion of Statism IS dragging us to a Secular theocracy which worships the State – and right quick at that!

      • Abandon TV says:

        Would you agree that voting IS an expression of faith in as much as voters believe that governments really do exist, when in reality they do not?

        To me that was the central message of that video. I think it’s a great observation: ‘there is no government, there are only people who claim to speak *on behalf* of a government.’

        **goes off to make that into a bumper sticker**

      • Well, if we ‘vote’ for a person as our ‘representative’. (Representative government) than indeed they do ‘speak’ for us at our request and by our permission – so no, don’t think ‘voting’ is an act of faith.

        Apology for more or less playing ‘semantics’ but definitions are crucial to achieve clarity. Definitions MATTER – a thing is what it is.

        Is it ‘faith’ to believe our representative will actually do what we the voters want or ask them to do? If faith is ‘belief without evidence or proof’ then, again, no – statistics rarely lie. Stats show that elected officials, on the average, do in fact follow through on the bulk of their promises. Yours truly thinks that THAT is the secondary problem – our representatives do for the electorate exactly what we ask for. The primary problem is all the crap we’ve asked ’em to do!

        That being said, again, many have ‘faith’ in that they ‘believe’ lies and deny truth…I.E. they’re unwilling to recognize the difference when politicians and their surrogates state something as a ‘truth’. Way too many ‘believe’ ‘without evidence or proof’ a politicians analysis of a problem and they ‘believe IN’ the pols suggested practical ‘solution’ for the problem. They place their ‘faith’ in that politicians judgement and in the gov’ts ability to ‘solve’ an alleged ‘problem’, despite the lack of evidence to ‘believe’ and despite all the evidence that SHOULD sway folks from ‘believing’ a bit of nonsense.

        Pure friggin’ faith!

        Give me faith in my Maker over faith in THAT every day of the week! At least if I fuck up, whether acting on ‘faith’ or not, it is ME fucking up and ME taking the hit.

        If our gov’t (and those who have ‘faith’ in it) acts on ‘faith’, even if I didn’t give em consent I will bare the consequences of their faith.

        Not a great deal, I’m afraid.

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