Quote of the Day

NPR’s interview with the New York Times’ David Carr exposes one of the real scandals of press coverage of politics and our government. Never mind the deliberately generated faux concern of the Huffington Post with their raging about Newsweek’s supposedly sensational covers


How’s bout having coverage that, oh, let’s think a bit, doesn’t sell us out?

Vanity Fair’s ‘get’ of the President – their interview which

got a lot for the agreement that [was]made.

[check out NPR’s sit down with David Carr of the NYT for the story]

ought make everyone Rage Against the Machine of politicos and government folk trading access in exchange for the media agreeing to help fine tune the politico’s message sans ‘uncomfortable’ quotes.

mister anchor, assure me
that Baghdad, is burning
your voice it is so soothing
that cunning mantra of killing
i need you, my witness
to dress this up so bloodless
to numb me, and purge me now
of thoughts of blaming you

(Rage Against the Machine – Testify)

‘Sensational’ covers are only ‘sensational’ when they ain’t, um, accurate.

Can’t get any kind of ‘accurate’ if politicos decide what they have or have not said pre sayin’ em.

Thanks to Carr we now know our President would not (and likely will not ) greenlight an interview without pre approving the questions asked and the quoting of his answers

‘course we can’t rage against something without first being told what to rage about, ain’t that right Mr. President?

Press bias is one thing, press blackout or press colorization of the story at the behest of our leaders is something altogether different. Perhaps for some folks in the press bias and agreeing to terms for access might be intimately connected? Perhaps?

In light of the media and Administration two step over the cause of the fire in the Middle East Mr. Carr is awarded today’s Quote of the Day:

I don’t think the people who are making history should be allowed to rewrite it.

Meanwhile the folks at the Huffington Post can rage all they want over ‘sensationalism’.

Can almost hear em raging:

i need you, my witness
to dress this up so bloodless

It’s a certainty that when Libya’s own Pres’ , despite the diplomatic problem it would necessarily create for his nation, is willingly quoted as saying that the attack that killed our ambassador and others was ‘preplanned’ and has nothing to do with a YouTube vid, he didn’t pre approve the message.

When Sniperhunter2012 hears the nonsensical faith some here at home have in the words of our government he’s reminded that critical thinking is absent when folks wanna ‘believe’.

Perhaps that’s the real reason the Media folk and the Pres’ faithful, when they know that President Obama

got a lot for the agreement that [was]made

don’t feel much like raging about it.


Testify dumbasses, testify.


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