SHOOTING OFF YOUR FACE WON’T HELP FREE SPEECH – NARA – 515409 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just as the United States and the world began observing the eleventh anniversary of the attacks of 9/11, despicable cowards – domestic and foreign – set in motion actions informed by the principles so beloved by the perpetrators of 9/11.

We’ve learned over the past few days that the attacks on our embassies in Benghazi and Cairo were an orchestrated, well planned maneuver – an act of Holy War. We’ve learned that they are not simply an expression of discontent against “efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims”. How then can we escape from a mess created not in a vacuum of happenstance, historical necessity, or incompetence but rather from a well thought out move towards a bizarrely familiar ‘Armageddon’?

In these attacks can be heard the rising chords of a battle song – the rising notes of Holy War.

Why then do we choose to pretend?

We all know it, no matter our affiliation. We hear the voices of apocalypse yet we want to cover our ears and tweak the notes in an evasive, self-protective ‘wish it weren’t so’ remix.

“This isn’t a fight for the spirit of freedom or the souls of men, its just angry people righteously upset over hurt feelings” we tell ourselves. Oh so damn naive, aren’t we?

Making excuses for self-destructive, deliberate hate mongering among our own we prefer to believe, with blatant biases intact, that our nation’s vulnerability stems from incompetence in leadership, misguided foreign policy, or from hypocrisy. Why?

Denying our moral failure to stop our leaders (and ourselves) from playing politics with religion we sing to ourselves instead “I refuse to hear the trumpets blowing or the drums of war in the air? My leaders just don’t know what they’re doing”.

Stop. The. Insanity.

Time to take a deep breath, time to focus, time to hear the music being played.


Forcing ourselves to allow killers OR haters to get away with using Free Speech OR Freedom of Religion as an excuse to kill in the name of GOD, or to make excuses for people who DENIGRATE those freedoms, will only make us – dead.

We are responsible for our enemies hating us (or make ourselves legitimate targets) ONLY if we’ve given them reason to hate us AND if we’ve attacked them – not in words – but in acts of non retaliatory aggression.


There are guilty parties among us nonetheless; guilty not of ‘offenses’ against our enemies but against their own nation and their fellow citizens.

Pretending that those who hate the freedom to speak one’s mind are somehow justified when they express religious rage with guns or fists if some moron speaks his mind and condemns that religion is not noble, it is an act of political pretence. Such pretense is the last resort of a moral coward.

Only those seeking a moral free pass would dare to use freedom of religious expression as an excuse to stifle or to condemn free speech – or to condemn the nation FOR protecting the expression and practice of either.

Only those who enjoy the echoes of the beating wardrums would dare to shout into those echoes that an individual who speaks his mind, no matter how hateful or insane that individual’s speech might be, does not have claim to liberty and must be left without Her defense. Only a coward who drools over the approaching drums would claim that the freely speaking moron is responsible for acts commited by those who, inflamed by said speech, use the words as a pretense for war. They are certainly guilty of fanning the flames, but not of lighting the match.

Only a warmonger, however, would insist that those who find solace in the flames of religious hate expressed through guns or fists are victims of intolerant speech and deserve compassion for their ‘pain’. The fanatics who find such solace do not care about words spoken nor for compassion felt, they honor only guns shot and fists used.

Those who fan religious or political rage and shout ‘fire’ in this grotesque theater are not patriots. These shouts are not innocent acts of dissent, defense, or defiance. They are acts of Holy War.

Any individual with ears to hear and eyes to see must know that playing politics with religion – playing on the religious fears or the religious hate of ANYONE for ANY reason – is and should be seen for what it is. This is particularly the case when it comes to the powder keg of intolerant lunacy that is the family squabble in the Middle East.

ANY person with an understanding of religious sentiment who would use religion in this way makes himself a soldier in an ideological battle. He has made himself an enemy of religious freedom and an enemy of free speech. He makes himself an enemy of the United States and her People. He should be treated as one.


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