All the best deceptions – the republican national convention

Posted: August 29, 2012 in philosophy, politics, Uncategorized
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Democratic Ticket:  Seymour & Blair

Democratic Ticket: Seymour & Blair (Photo credit: Cornell University Library)

And so a political Party, terrified and angry over a failed administration, slings political red meat and celebrates its heroes; balloons fall and music blasts the celebrants. The newly energized party offers to a tired, worried, and tense nation the arguments for change and hope after years of economic difficulty. A young vital, slightly mysterious newcomer seeks high office and the opposition calls him out on his supposed extremism, questioning his past and his motives. 2008, Democrats, and Barak Obama? Not even close.

This week politicos, pundits, and wannabees drool over the Republican Party National Convention and the choice by its Presidential candidate of Paul Ryan as his running mate. Perhaps, as some argue, there indeed has never been a more sharply drawn line ‘tween the parties. Perhaps, as some argue, never have the differences been so clear or the choices so fundamentally pure. Perhaps this convention is a snooze fest, clear-cut in its predictability post the Ryan pick.

Perhaps not, at least not in how the Democratic party will respond. Let’s do a bit of prognostication, shall we?

Prediction: Due to the racial and ethnic diversity of the speakers, Republicans will be accused by the opposition of tokenism.

Prediction: Due to the place of prominence on the roster of intelligent, attractive, and articulate female speakers espousing economic conservatism, the love of family, and celebrating Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as family men eager to come to the nation’s aid, Republicans will be accused of using gullible, passive, controlled but well-meaning women to promote a war on women and a family values agenda.

Prediction: Due to the lack of speakers avidly attacking gays, screaming about guns, or crying about abortion, Democrats will claim that Republicans are afraid of losing the opportunity in an otherwise certain Obama victory; they will claim Republicans are hiding their real agenda and the real Republican Party in order to garner support.

Democrats will behave like this, a nearly Pavlovian response – and are predictable in their inevitable bait game – because they have nothing left to say and no argument to make. Their policies are utter failures, their race and gender baiting and their disingenuous fear mongering devoid of emotional impact, not to mention believability, and yet with nothing else after so long they must soldier on.

Let them.

The racial diversity of the Republican Party and the appeal of Conservative principles amongst non whites is obvious and has never been greater.

Let Democrats continue to call non white men and women Uncle Toms or racial traitors when those non whites defend the family against the State’s penchant to destroy Families. Let them argue once again that the ever so plentiful dark faces before them on the tv attending and speaking at the convention aren’t really there or aren’t the Republican Party. Let them tell their own would be supporters they ought not believe the evidence of their senses. Let them continue the pretence that they are not the race obsessed party despite their history.

The appeal of Conservative principles to women has never been greater and the principles never more urgently needed by women than today. Let Democrats claim their Party stands between women and a female fearful, female chaining Republican party. Let them after their President signed into law health insurance policy that eviscerate from doctors the ability to counsel women so women can enjoy for themselves informed consent.

Let Democrats continue with the pretense and let them continue to lie to their supporters while Republicans continue to tell them the truth – and continue to live it. They cannot run from their own much longer.

Democrats cannot hide from reality for much longer either. They certainly cannot censor reality for those still blinded by their lies. Not for much longer. Not without telling them, in clear not to be evaded words: ‘don’t believe the evidence of your senses. Trust us, we’re your friends and always have been. Don’t you remember all the good times we had when we were so successful? Wasn’t life great under our law? Don’t believe it when you see or hear Republicans in action, you want to be REAL fill in the blank or hyphen Americans, don’t you?’

Hunter is reminded of the words of the Foo Fighters: ‘keep you in the dark you know they all pretend. Keep you in the dark and so it all began…..what if I say I’m not like the others? What if I say I’m not just another one of your plays? You’re the pretender’.

The light is coming. Let the Statists scurry like cockroaches from the sight of it.


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