Media fail: Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand

Posted: August 18, 2012 in philosophy, politics
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Hate to waste Sniperhunter’s sorta-kinda first post and add to the cacophony that is analysis of the tenuous connection between the Republican Party’s golden boy du-cycle, Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, and the high priestess of principles, philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand. The moment seems, however, like serendipity.

Not jumping on this opportunity to discuss the irrelevancy of the analysis done today in light of the cluelessness about Rand shown by most ‘pundits’ would be – well – selfless.

Rand is, after all, Hunter’s once and future thought guru.

We see evasion aplenty from the Right when they mention the unholy Rand/Ryan marriage of unequals. Very little need be said on this aspect of the story outside of ‘you’re damn right Ayn would disavow the golden boy’. Not so all the ignorance drenched in self righteous scorn pouring forth from the mouths and pens of the moron brigade – that Statist choir which is the media.

Much can be said on that score.

Eager to slice the throat of the voices of genuine saviors of reason and capitalism, the Left might very well have put a noose around their own neck.

So much can be said it’s hard to tell where one might begin.

One need only a rough approximation of the fact that there’s the atheist requirement of Objectivism-proper to know Ryan is honest (and dangerously foolish) when he say’s ‘keep your Rand, I’ll take Aquinas’ Thanks, Paul, think I will.

Keep your poisonous Statism via the Good Book too, while you are at it. We would like the Republic to survive.

The idea of a State/Church meld (middle and dark ages not-so-lite) transplanted into the modern world and onto American soil wakes your humble writer up at night in a cold sweat.

Never mind the arguments he’s gotten into with his Religious friends when Hunter discusses the Constitution.

In the Ivory Towers of the Left, however, much handwringing and handshakinggoes on. On that side of the Statist coin there is celebration like it’s the Christmas they’re at war against. The Rand/Ryan saga is, for Liberals, a big, beautifully wrapped gift from Republicans.

To fully understand the nature of the gleeful yet self defeating evasions and manufactured scorn of Statists one needs two things:

1.) an awareness of the events which play out in ‘Atlas Shrugged’ (and then to watch Fox News and MSNBC), and 2.) a basic understanding of the Objectivist concept of the antagonistic but symbiotic relationship between ‘Atilla and the Witch Doctor’ .

You will likely get a corruption of these from analysts if they are intellectually honest enough to dare discuss either at length at all.

In the wake of what should have been a certain Obama/Democrat/Statism loss in November, in a last, feeble grasp for power and relevancy, the revelation of Ryan’s alleged Rand worship has played out like so much Rand prophecy.

Ms. Rand argued Conservatives would be responsible for the death of Capitalism. Specifically, she made the case that their inability and unwillingness to drop the ‘religious defense’ of our system in favor of a rational, fully grounded ethical code would cede the moral high ground to Liberals. Capitalist poseurs of the right would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

She stated that absent a genuine moral argument for our very existence the Republic would be lost to Liberals who make a much more consistent argument for Statism. She made the strong case that Conservatives would appear to the public as hypocrites since Conservatives are eager to evade the connection between reason and Capitalism – that Conservative’s inability to defend the system (being drenched in a failed religious defense) would sway voters to the Liberal cause.

Step one in the killing of Capitalism: George ‘I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system’ Bush.

Step two: John ‘I’ll write an Unconstitutional ‘reform’ for financing campaigns and then hand an election over to a self-evidently Statist wannabee King in fear of exposing my opponents Marxist past and associations and thus opening myself up to phony charges of racism’ McCaine.

Today we have Paul Ryan and the New-Republicans. They are so desperate to avoid cognitive dissonance they run for the hills at the mere mention of the notion Medicare Boy might – gasp – have been influenced by the pro-choice, anti-draft, anti-anti-sodomy law, anti-anti drug law, and – double gasp – atheist Rand.

The Ryan/Rand kerfluffle is just what Statist sharks need. Mindless foot soldiers in the media spread what ought to be a non issue like so much chum for Statists.

Atilla, much more consistent in his methods – uses force in the form of lies, distortions, ‘occupation’, and then, of course, if need be – hands on violence in the streets.

The Witch Doctor, eager for power yet unable to understand the events around him since he’s far too busy shaking his stick at the sky, prays he’ll find a way to wrestle control from Atilla.

As Rand said, the Witchdoctor knows Atilla has a much better argument for what they both want – absolute control over all around them. He know also that Atilla will beat him over the head if he must. For more on this one need merely look at the race card nonsense coming from the Left.

Eerily similar to events foretold in the novel so enjoyed by our would be Vice Theocrat-in-Chief, we see around us the economic and cultural death pangs of the greatest nation on Earth. Watching the events of the Ryan/Rand affair unfold one can imagine the Republic crying breathlessly ‘oh no’.

As in Atlas Shrugged, the very concept of innovators and creators is vilified by nearly everyone in thinker circles. A confused and weary public have caught the hate virus.

Meanwhile so many pretenders to industry, in bed with Washington cronies, jump on the carcass that was, so long ago, once nearly Capitalism.

Just as in the novel, today those who dare to say ‘I built this’ suffer media and political assassination by proxy.

Just like the novel’s heroes, those today who know that they themselves are their own end goal are deemed evil and useless by the standard held by the high priests of culture. It’s a standard the culturati follow, ughh….religiously.

The ‘selfish’ creators and innovators are needed so badly this same culture elite (and many lay folk) who condemn the folks who move the world will chain the motor or, if it seems those chains won’t hold, they may well be willing to kill them all and let God (secular or religious) sort them out.

This and yet the darlings of the media pretend Ryan is either a liar or a hypocrite. He is not. He knows the truth. He knows he’s no Rand hero.

On the evening news Democratic and Liberal evaders in cheap suits hope for their own deluded sakes the gullible and hateful within their ranks will ignore reason in favor of emotion. They hope no one, especially their own, will understand just what Rand taught and why Republicans hate her far more than they. Liberals sure as hell hope their own will never know just how and why Paul Ryan is no acolyte of Ayn Rand.

Conservative intellectuals know – and quake in fear. They realize that the end is nigh and that they themselves have brought it on.

Wishing to win the ‘Kingdom’, Statists of every variety hope no one will connect the dots between Ayn Rand, the survival of freedom and Capitalism, and the common ground held by both sides of the Statism coin – the rejection of reason. The Left and the Right gleefully substitute Ayn Rand the individual for the philosophy of Ayn Rand. They hope their respective flocks won’t notice.

Why would they notice, anyway? The average people are just common – they’re the ‘little guy’ after all. Too busy or too stupid to understand big issues. Besides, everyone knows that that evil, selfish philosophy of the Social Security swallowing, atheist swinger and hypocrite from Russia has been dismissed as small minded, adolescent drivel. Everyone who is anyone knows that the philosophy of the Randroids is nothing more than so much ‘give me mine or else’ – that such selfishness led to the mess we’re in today. Move it along, nothing to see here. Don’t anyone dare look behind the curtain that the evil, lonely in her old age novelist pointed at throughout her entire life.

Only thing is Statists (and their enemies) know what’s at stake. They realize that if they can just keep on keeping on with the Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan nonsense they will avoid discussions which would save the Republic. Republicans and Democrats know that those conversations, conversations which usually begin with Ayn Rand, will go a long way in helping us to avoid devolving into chaos and ultimately into a full on theocracy (of either variety). They know and they do not care. Bring on the chaos – down with Ayn Rand – both sides scream with a smile.

God (and John Galt) help us.

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