Are the liberators here?

Are the liberators here?

Well, tomorrow is Independence Day. As some might tell from my writings I am in perpetual awe of the magnitude of what our country represents.

Unique among nations, we exist due not to random events, actors or actions – most nations being formed as a result of wars, seizure of land and the vagaries of personalities – but rather due to the deliberate intent to found a country based on an idea and because the men who founded the United States had had enough and had grown weary of tyranny. The risks they took and their willingness to suffer the consequences amazes me. I am thankful that I was not among them, deciding whether I would take on that risk for myself. Read the rest of this entry »

Marriage equality?

Marriage equality?

Well, it’s official.

Marriage equality has arrived in America. It seems appropriate to mark the occasion, seeing as the issue hits so close to home.

Where to start? First, I’ll begin by saying that I am happy beyond words that gays and lesbians throughout the Nation, finally, will have the exact same civil benefits and responsibilities everyone else is afforded. It is proper and right that we should have them.

No government of a nation dedicated to treating its citizens equally under the law should be allowed to discriminate against its own citizens. Moreover, no nation that claims to pride itself on valuing property rights can dare to deny to citizens the basic right to enter into a contract. That being said, this decision, the debate leading up to it and the aftermath that has followed, is not something I feel like dancing and smiling about. You will not find my profile pic draped in a rainbow flag. Read the rest of this entry »



Four years can make a big difference. In a mere four years much can change in one’s perspective and approach, provided one has gained some insight and/or knowledge. Change will only come, though, providing that one finds proper motivation. Read the rest of this entry »

walls confineIn my very as of yet incomplete communication and conflict resolution guide I include a mantra I have tried to pound into my subconscious when I find myself paralyzed by self-doubt, regrets or shame about my past and my life circumstances:

“circumstances describe, they do not define”

I find this basic insight about identity and self, to use what has become a trite expression, ‘transformational’. Read the rest of this entry »

 John F. Nash Jr. at his graduation from Princeton in 1950.  Credit Courtesy of Martha Nash Legg & The New York Times

John F. Nash Jr. at his graduation from Princeton in 1950.
Credit Courtesy of Martha Nash Legg & The New York Times

Today was to be an ordinary day. I wrote. I ate. I smoked, I chatted on Facebook, I checked the news and I hoped for better days and was grateful for days that are.

Today was to be an ordinary day, until the news came across my feed. Read the rest of this entry »

Douglas MacArthur - image courtesy of google images

Douglas MacArthur – image courtesy of google images

To honor the fallen soldier on Memorial Day I usually write something about what the day means to me. I talk about why we should honor folks who serve and give their lives.  Today, thanks to a brief Facebook back and forth, I’d like to do something slightly different. Rather than discuss the day or talk about the reasons it is so important to honor our military, I’d like to show why we honor them, by way of comparison.

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This is the first of what I hope will be many posts for a re-imagined, re-focused Sniperhunter2012. As this post deals with the Internet as a tool for communicating ideas, and for practical interactions with others, the timing seems like (excuse the fuzzy term) kismet. Following up on comments left in response to a Facebook Group post I made, and due to conversations I had with other folks later, I’ve learned – or rather, re-learned a basic lesson. The Internet is simultaneously the best and the worst forum for discussing ideas.

I made my acquaintance this past week with a gentleman who calls himself Maestro Maahanmuuttaja. Identifying himself as a student of psychology, Maestro is a member of a political discussion group I belonged to {ed note: I no longer belong to the group}. Maestro had responded to a meme I had posted (the details of which are irrelevant to this discussion) which  included a quote from a philosopher, lecturer and author. Maestro’s initial comment? That the meme author/individual quoted was “clearly…a person that was home schooled by a dog”.

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hunter at large

hunter at large

In keeping with Hunter’s change in focus and priorities, Sniperhunter2012 is being reimagined. Hunter will place far less emphasis on politics and national or state current events, focusing  instead on more practical concerns as well as on inspirational and motivational ideas and stories. When major news events of the day warrant, Sniperhunter2012 WILL take notice, however, inasmuch as how the event directly impacts the reader.


Amid the cacophony of voices screaming for the heads of cops or screaming ‘thug’ at anyone who believes a child with a toy gun shouldn’t immediately be gunned down, a police officer shouldn’t be shot while eating lunch in his patrol car, and a man  shouldn’t die for selling cigarettes, you can almost hear a still whisper: “I can’t breathe”.

No, not the voice of Tamir Rice, Officers Rafael Ramos & Wenjian Liu, or Eric Garner. It is the voice of anyone who chooses to speak for them.

Meanwhile, we hear the voices of ‘leaders’, and friends and family, who insist the ‘problem’ is racism, or favoring of race baiters, or rampant police abuse, or opportunists, or minorities who don’t want to be accountable for their own problems. Any host of things are pointed to: ”look, there it is.” Out of the din comes a whisper: “That’s not it, you aren’t listening.”

On Fox News former New York City Police Department detective Bo Dietl, while completely unaware of it, identified the real problem that has led us to Ferguson, to “What do we want? Dead cops”, to individuals like Al Sharpton being the White House’s point man on all things ‘racial’ and to absolute chaos in NYC and beyond.

Discussing the protests against the NYPD, and the overall anger at and distrust of the police that many people feel, Dietl, summing up the feelings of so many, said “I don’t get it.”  A still whisper responds: “that’s part of why we’ve gotten to this point.” Read the rest of this entry »