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In keeping with Hunter’s change in focus and priorities, Sniperhunter2012 is being reimagined. Hunter will place far less emphasis on politics and national or state current events, focusing  instead on more practical concerns as well as on inspirational and motivational ideas and stories. When major news events of the day warrant, Sniperhunter2012 WILL take notice, however, inasmuch as how the event directly impacts the reader.


Amid the cacophony of voices screaming for the heads of cops or screaming ‘thug’ at anyone who believes a child with a toy gun shouldn’t immediately be gunned down, a police officer shouldn’t be shot while eating lunch in his patrol car, and a man  shouldn’t die for selling cigarettes, you can almost hear a still whisper: “I can’t breathe”.

No, not the voice of Tamir Rice, Officers Rafael Ramos & Wenjian Liu, or Eric Garner. It is the voice of anyone who chooses to speak for them.

Meanwhile, we hear the voices of ‘leaders’, and friends and family, who insist the ‘problem’ is racism, or favoring of race baiters, or rampant police abuse, or opportunists, or minorities who don’t want to be accountable for their own problems. Any host of things are pointed to: ”look, there it is.” Out of the din comes a whisper: “That’s not it, you aren’t listening.”

On Fox News former New York City Police Department detective Bo Dietl, while completely unaware of it, identified the real problem that has led us to Ferguson, to “What do we want? Dead cops”, to individuals like Al Sharpton being the White House’s point man on all things ‘racial’ and to absolute chaos in NYC and beyond.

Discussing the protests against the NYPD, and the overall anger at and distrust of the police that many people feel, Dietl, summing up the feelings of so many, said “I don’t get it.”  A still whisper responds: “that’s part of why we’ve gotten to this point.” Read the rest of this entry »

Sniperhunter2012 agrees wholeheartedly with the analysts at Fox who insist that if the Ohio town where this man lives presses him on this, they will absolutely open themselves up to an inevitable loss in court along with a hefty payout to the man. Fight on, bro. Fight on.





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Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Sniperhunter2012



While I’m no fan of President Obama, and while I think his actions have at times pressed (and occasionally surpassed) the boundaries of his Constitutional authority – not to mention those of common sense and good governance – I’m not one to let dangerous, deceitful, and downright ludicrous allegations about this or any President go unchallenged.

It’s well past time that those of us with a non Liberal perspective stand up to say “enough” to conspiracy theorists and fear mongering when it comes to Obama. If folks present facts and a cogent argument against a President’s policies or his actions, I’m all there to hear them.

When accusations, smears and/or paranoia driven speculation are substituted for reason and a cogent argument, however, I want none of it.

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The Grand Jury decision to not indict in the Ferguson, Missouri case has sparked outrage in Ferguson. It has created ripple effects across the country. Despite the fact that the evidence and testimony heard by the Grand Jury is now freely available, and despite the fact that objective analysis of the facts must lead rational observers to the same conclusion as that of the St. Louis County Grand Jury, folks remain angry, frustrated and doubtful.

Much of the objection to the decision of the Grand Jury boils down to three interrelated arguments: the officer should not have used deadly force because Michael Brown was unarmed, complaints about the number of shots fired, and woven throughout is disbelief that Michael Brown would have or did attack Officer Wilson. This denial that Brown was the aggressor is the crux of his family’s anger at Officer Wilson and is the underlying premise held by Vox founder Ezra Klein.

Throughout his public life founder Ezra Klein has said and done some less than well thought out things (Hunter shan’t repeat President Obama’s error and say Klein acted ‘stupidly’). From Klein’s ethically troubling JournoList to his bizarre notion that a sitting Senator, out of spite, would let folks die as political payback – the blogger cum wannabe journalist isn’t exactly a Mensa brain trust or moral leader. However, in his recent article expressing doubt in the testimony of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, Klein moves himself outside the realm of credibility.

Klein’s doubt of Officer Wilson’s testimony and the decision of the Grand Jury approaches a lunatic quality previously seen only in the likes of UFO abductees and 9/11 Truthers.

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SEMI-NEWS: A Satire of Recent News

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Awesome satire and on point

Originally posted on The Conservative Citizen:

– by John Semmens –

President’s Usurpation of Legislative Authority Hailed by Democrats

President Obama’s decision to enact immigration reform legislation that Congress has refused to enact inspired some lavish praise from fellow Democrats.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) called it “a courageous first step. President Obama’s determination to take a politically unpopular position so soon after voters elected a Republican dominated Congress stakes out new ground in the battle for control over the government and policy.”

It’s important that we build upon the President’s innovation and transform our nation from the archaic plan of trying to extract policy from a fragmented legislative body, where no one has a mandate for governing, to a more modern structure where the will of the one man elected to represent all of the people prevails,” Pelosi said. “At this turning point in our history I am hoping that Congress will get…

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Image owned by Dana Owens and Chip Fasciana 

Image owned by Dana Owens and Chip Fasciana

So when did folks lose their sense of humor and a grasp of satire? When, for that matter, did a recognition of the problems that one is satirizing become evidence of a moral crime?

A major local business serving and employing folks in predominantly low income, high crime neighborhoods is either ignorant of or is deliberately ignoring the troubles which plague the community.

Perhaps instead they wish for everyone else to remain ignorant of or ignore them.

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The Age of Entitlement

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Originally posted on mcgarvey24:

Many of you already know what has been going on in my family for the past year and a half. When my daughter moved out of my house in February 2013, I never could have imagined that this is where I would be in 18 months. Anyone who hears this story thinks it’s crazy, and no one can believe that this case saw the inside of a courtroom. But it did. And I lost. And now I don’t know what else to do except to tell my story and hope and pray that there is someone who can help me, someone who can help me make sense of what has happened to the child I raised, a victim of “the age of entitlement.”

I wanted to begin by telling the story of a struggling 20-year-old college student, who worked full-time to put herself through college with no help from her…

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